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Former bait dog & stray Ariel
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Sample Videos
Fearful Rescue dog Murphy
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"Aggressive" puppy Otto
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Nervous skittish puppy Simon
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Podcasts and Interviews
My good friend Stephanie Siraco has a great Health & Wellness     website that you should check out:
                                       SK Fit Life
 She produces regular podcasts on a variety of topics:  Podcasts
In this Podcast, Stephanie discusses the ins and outs of dog rescue with guest Beth Gruff, founder of It's the Pits Dog Rescue.
Great information, and Beth even mentioned my services:
Podcast 1
In this Podcast, Stephanie sits down with yours truly to talk about dog behavior, including common misconceptions about dogs and mistakes that many first- (and second-) time dog owners make when they welcome a new rescue dog into their home.  Great Episode Stephanie!
Podcast 2


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