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J. Randy Davis is a dog trainer who specializes in the Prevention and Rehabilitation of canine behavior problems.  Randy has successfully rehabilitated hundreds of dogs, many with serious behavioral issues including anxiety, extreme fear / phobias, and various forms of aggression.  Randy has been a training consultant on high-profile cases that involved severe neglect and/or abuse, and has achieved success where other training and behavior modification efforts have failed.


Randy began working with problem dogs in the early 2000's, and by 2009 he had formed Better by the Pound, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to help rescues and shelters with their difficult and problem dogs.  Randy also works with private clients, guiding them through the behavioral challenges they face with their own dogs.  His expertise in the area of canine Behavioral Rehabilitation has been sought out nationally and internationally.  For a more complete bio and backstory  you can check out his personal story here.



J. Randy Davis


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