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The Canine


miner   /ˈmīnər/  noun 


The Canine Underground was established as a repository of information for those individuals involved in dog training, handling, and behavior modification / rehabilitation.  Dog owners, trainers, handlers, shelter staff, rescue volunteers, and fosters are all faced with challenging behavioral issues on a daily basis.  These dedicated individuals need real-world solutions that actually work, and they need them now.  Nearly all of the readily-available information on this topic is either based on standard dog training methodologies or is derived from academic learning theory.  Typical 'dog training' and obedience-based protocols can be implemented, but for many behavioral challenges, these approaches frequently prove ineffective, even counter-productive.  And animal learning theories, generated from laboratory studies, do not always predict the results observed in real-world scenarios.  

Individuals working with real behavioral issues are resigned to use approaches that are inadequate and ineffective, and barely scratch the surface of the problem at hand. Anyone who truly wants to help their dogs must embark on a search for alternative answers-- left on their own to dig for real solutions.

The Canine Underground offers real-world answers for those looking for help.  Here you'll find methods and techniques for dealing with both common and difficult canine behavioral problems.  The information is gleaned from observation and experience, and is based on an understanding of how dogs truly think, process information, and actually learn.  You'll discover information, techniques, and conditioning procedures that you've never heard of or seen before, but which are capable of producing results more effectively and permanently than most standard training protocols.  The Canine Underground is not about a singular approach, method, or training philosophy.  Rather, The C-U offers valuable information that has been proven effective on dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and temperaments.

No matter how in-depth you wish to go in your understanding of dog behavior, training, and behavior modification, The C-U has you covered.  From Free Videos and Product Reviews to Blog content and Forums, there's plenty to extract.  If you want to dig even deeper, check out the Online Courses and DVDs available for purchase.

Thank you for joining The Underground movement!


1. One who searches for and extracts valuable or precious items from a hidden or

            underground location.

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